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"Why are you so obsessed with The Hunger Games? It’s just a boo-"

"Taylor is an artist unlike any other artist, She is the real deal, and she has fans that are incredibly loyal to her and so passionate. They’ve grown up with her and they’ve told their friends, and now she has a hundred million more of ‘em! But there’s a reason she’s that big. To be able to be a little sliver part of that show is really cool for me, and I’m so thankful for that opportunity to get up there and sing six of my songs or however long it is every night. I’ll make some new friends and fans, and then I get to go sit out in front of the stage and watch her every night. She really is the cream of the crop of what she does, and the production of her shows are one of a kind."
Brett Eldredge on Taylor Swift  (X)

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